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体育娱乐平台 Design Chicago helped a Yoga studio that had poor attendance and low website traffic. We helped them to optimize their website, fix errors, and improve the hosting. Along with creating original content, were able to help the website increase traffic.

650% increase in impressions in six months


Increase in Enrollment

Web Page Templates 143%

Month over month increase in phone calls


A local yoga studio needed to increase their organic traffic to improve client acquisition. They had a significant amount of competition in their area and needed a way to increase their online presence and their brand awareness.

Yoga studio seo
体育娱乐平台 for Yoga studios


Local 体育娱乐平台

We increase interest in their target market through local 体育娱乐平台 . By reaching out to potential customers in the vicinity on their location we were able to increase engagement with a realistic customer base.

Google My Business

We established and maintained a presence on Google My Business for this yoga studio. This way potential customers were more likely to find their business and have the right information to reach out with inquires.

Content Creation

We added dozens of pages to their website with unique content that detailed each of the classes this yoga studio offered. By utilizing targeted keywords we were able to drive traffic to their website through these pages.


  • Increased web traffic results by 148% due to an increase in unique content available
  • Developed a digital marketing strategy that was more focused on their key demographics
  • Enhanced their Google My Business listing to better engage with potential customers 
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Yoga 体育娱乐平台

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