Great product pages are necessary for any ecommerce site

E-commerce product pages allow the visitor to see your products and make decisions generating more traffic for your site. The more products you offer that are relative to your business the better you are placed to increase sales and conversions.

Increase engagement with great product pages

Great product pages are a process resulting from a thought out content creation strategy .  Anybody can describe widgets for sale, the best ecommerce companies will use optimized tags and keywords to increase organic traffic and lower PPC costs.

List all the products you offer with full descriptions, proper alternative text,  pictures, and other media. More content results in more engagement that will generate increased quality traffic and translate into more business!

Product Pages

Product pages that convert

Having high converting product pages is one of the most important aspects of your ecommerce site. Without great content that is easily findable and navigable, your customers will have a hard time buying anything from the site. Knowing not only what makes a great product page but, what is a product page are two essential components of success.
You want your customers to enjoy being on your site and shopping for your products. The  product page user experience, or product page UX is another vital component. The best product pages of 2022 are going to follow the guidelines listed below.

What is a product page

What is a product page?

A product page is the product landing page or webpage that has all of the details of the product that is being sold on an ecommerce website.
Some websites use ecommerce product page design using html, one of the shopify product page apps, or the shopify product page design. However, a product page design template is not usually the best answer.

We recommend using these steps to create great high-converting product pages:

Product Page Titles

Use Titles for Your Products

While it is not terribly relevant what your products are called, they certainly need to have names. Additionally, the products must have unique names in their title tags. If nothing else, for 体育娱乐平台 purposes, you would want your products to have different titles. Any product page design template will even begin with titles. Don’t be afraid to be creative with the titles either.

Use Breadcrumbs to Navigate

Breadcrumbs are a great tool for navigating an ecommerce site. The best ecommerce product listing page designs will have breadcrumbs so that visitors can easily find their way around your site. If you are looking for a high converting product page, then you need customers to be able to navigate easily.
What you will need specifically is a hierarchy breadcrumb. This will allow a user to return to a selection or return to other products without having to search all over again. It is similar to trying to navigate a site without having a “back” button. Yes, you can do it. But, it will be cumbersome and take quite an effort.
If you have ever shopped online from stores like Macy’s, you will know how useless the back button becomes as you have to start your search all over again.

breadcrumbs on black plate

Describe your Products Well

When you are writing about your products you don’t simply want to describe them. You want to tell a story. After all, who does not enjoy listening to a good story? Storytelling is also an exceedingly powerful marketing tool in your product descriptions. The best product pages of 2022 are going to tell a story. You should be able to create excitement and enthusiasm surrounding your product in order to have your story become as effective as possible.
I am including an example of one of my favorite product pages. The page is selling a backpack. However, it does much more than describe the backpack. It tells a story.

Product Page Description

Here’s the product description:


  • Officially-licensed Star Wars merchandise
  • Sometimes blending in is the best plan
  • Big enough for your Ewok BFF

Pack it up! We’re deploying to Endor in the morning, and you need to find a bag big enough for the essentials with extra space for a small teddy-bear like lifeform. Hypothetically. We’re not telling you to take an Ewok back with you, but… if you find your Ewok BFF, you’ll have the option. 

This Star Wars Rebel Alliance Special Forces Rucksack is big enough to fit everything you need for your day, and then some (including an Ewok). The camo accents will make it harder for the Stormtroopers to spot you on Endor which is a huge plus, especially considering their rucksacks are (you guessed it) white. Sometimes standing out is the worst thing you can do.  

Product Specifications  

  • Star Wars Rebel Alliance Special Forces Rucksack 
  • Officially-licensed Star Wars merchandise 
  • Includes roll-top, 2 front zipper pockets, and 2 zippered side pockets  Endor Commando Alliance Special Forces patch is prominently featured on the front 
  • Features faux Aurebesh on the side pocket (it would say “Restore the Republic”, but each letter is backwards) – you don’t want EVERYONE to know your true mission, do you?
  • Also shows the Rebel Alliance symbol
  • If you put an Ewok in the bag, don’t roll the top down too tight 
  • Adjustable shoulder straps 
  • Materials: Polyester, faux leather (vegan), and silicone strap closure

One great part of this product page is that it makes the assumption that you already live in a Star Wars world. By making this assumption, the description of the page can be tailored to a desirable fantasy for a Star Wars fan.
Another aspect that really stands out are the multiple references to your Ewok BFF. This does not necessarily add anything to the product itself. However, it does a great job to expand upon the narrative and make the story more fun.
Perhaps the reader will consider gifting this to his nephew, who can then pretend to be a Jedi. Or, maybe he or she has always had a lifelong ambition to be an intergalactic smuggler themself and simply needed the pack to begin their new career.
Regardless of the outcome, this product page ux is a great example of how a story can sell a product.

Product Page Detailed Images

Use Detailed Images in your Product Pages

Any good high converting product page will be full of great images. It needs to be as detailed as possible so that consumers can easily see what they are purchasing.
There needs to be a good number of images that have great detail when you zoom in. They also need to load virtually instantly.
The more images you have with the most angles will give the best results.

Use Product Videos

What is the next best thing to shopping in person? Watching a video of the product you are shopping for. Videos are a great way to demonstrate your products to shoppers.

Sites like REI, Advance Auto Parts, and Zappos all have great videos that either provide an in-person shopping experience, or they provide a great depth of detail.

Product Pages Video
Product Page Upsell

Include Add-ons with High Value Purchases

Near the end of the sales process, you should offer additional products or services that correlate to the item(s) in the cart. This could be a warranty or accessories. These product upsells can increase your revenue and provide your customer with more features or components for their purchase.

Create a sense of Urgency

Give your shoppers a reason to buy now. This could be a limited supply or a limited time offer. Some companies use timers to display the amount of time left on a sale. Some websites will list the amount of other people looking at the same product in order to increase its popularity. There are a variety of ways that you can create urgency. It is important that you compel your shopper to purchase now. Once they leave the site, the chance of them returning to buy is slim.

The best way to turn a potential customer into a buyer is through an emotional incentive to act immediately.

Hotel booking websites will often employ a sense of urgency by telling you how few rooms remain, how recently a hotel was booked, and how many people have viewed a certain property. They will often use bold red font that stands out as well.

Sense of Urgency

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Related Products Display

Make Sure to Display Cross-Promotional Items and Recently Viewed Products

For any product page that converts, you need to expand upon exactly what your visitor is searching for.
For example, offer additional products that relate to what they are viewing. If a customer is looking at a sweater, show them other sweaters you have available. Also, you have a free opportunity to retarget the users by showing them their recently viewed items.

Use Specific Product Page Detail

Are there variations of your product? Does it come in other sizes, colors, or options? You need to make it as easy as possible to find all of these options. Your product page ux should be designed to allow users to navigate to all of the other options. Not only do you want all of your inventory to be viewed, but you want your pages to be full of content and vibrant.

Product Detail
Product Detail Page

Provide All of the Product Details

You already answer questions about the product in its description. Now think about any other questions that a shopper may have and answer all of those questions as well. You do not want to lose out on a sale because a customer did not understand your product. The best product page ux is the ones that customers get all the information from without having to ask for it.

Display Product Reviews

Ratings and reviews are important to the success of your ecommerce site. While a comment from a company about a product will carry some weight, a review from another customer will mean much more. Successful ecommerce stores will have reviews available for all of their products. 

You want to have as many reviews as possible. Do not be afraid of negative reviews either. If you are offering a quality product, the positive reviews should outweigh the negative ones anyway.

Add to Cart Button

Make Sure to Have Purchase Buttons

If a customer is on your product page and ready to purchase an item, they need to be able to quickly and easily find the “add to cart” button. This button needs to stand out more than anything else on the page. It has to be large and colorful. Secondarily, a “buy now” button should also be available which would direct the customer right to a checkout page.

Product Page Chat Functionality

Customers may have extra questions that need human response. Having a chat feature embedded into your site will help with just that. 体育娱乐平台 Design Chicago can help you to customize a chat feature with no additional monthly charges.

Website Chat Feature
Wishlist Functionality

Create a Wishlist Functionality

Let’s face it, there will be times when you will have run out of a product or size exactly when a customer is shopping for it. Having an easily accessible wishlist will help with this problem. If a customer is easily able to add her email in order to be notified once a product is available, you still have the opportunity to make a sale. Worst case scenario, you can send marketing to that email. 

This is also a great way to create a holiday gift wishlist that can be shared by the customer. It will bring more people to your site and increase sales.

There are many steps that go into creating a great product page design. Depending on your site you may want to alter your structure. A Shopify product page design will look different than an ecommerce product page design for html.

However, any ecommerce product listing page design should follow the guidelines listed here.

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You can increase your business online with well-designed product pages. Adding product pages to your website will make your website more relevant and offer more options for the visitor. Let 体育娱乐平台 Design Chicago help you add the products you need to be added to your website.

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